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The AECB publishes several catalogues designed to promote Canadian books, publishers and authors.

The Rights Canada catalogue, published twice a year in the spring and fall, is intended to promote the sale of foreign rights to award-winning and selected Canadian fiction, non-fiction and children’s titles.

The annual Books on Canada catalogue, designed primarily for academics and institutions interested in Canada and Canadian Studies, presents some of the best writing and research being produced in this country in languages and literature, history, politics, sociology, business and economics, geography, arts and culture, education, law, women’s and gender issues and Aboriginal studies.

The Travelling Trade Book Collection catalogues present information on the titles included in collections that tour to book fairs and conferences around the world. Three catalogues are available: general trade, children’s and French-language.

The AECB published two catalogues of books for US libraries: Selected Canadian Titles for American Libraries and Selected Canadian Children’s Titles for American Libraries.

You can consult our online database to view titles listed in our Rights Canada (Find Available Rights) and Books on Canada (Find Canadian Studies) catalogues. The American Libraries catalogues are available in pdf format.

Send us an email if you would like to obtain any of the catalogues in print form.