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The AECB’s wide-ranging market intelligence products and services provide unique market insights to help Canadian publishers discover opportunities, monitor trends, develop strategies and hone their export marketing efforts. These products include the AECB’s comprehensive range of original and dependable market guides and the extensive library of export resources the AECB maintains in its secretariat and online.

We offer timely market intelligence from consultants in the US, UK and France in our “Export Blogs” and in our “Ask the Experts,” where you can ask short specific questions of general interest on export-related topics. Something new is posted every week. Topics addressed are wide ranging, from industry statistics and trends to buying patterns and book categories, key editorial sectors, supply chain issues (for example, those having to do with distributors, wholesalers and booksellers), market segments (such as book clubs, non-traditional accounts, libraries and more), mergers and acquisitions, book deals, events, awards, resources and more. We provide, as well, sources for additional information when available.

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