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Information for authors and self-publishers

The AECB is a national professional publishers association. In keeping with its mandate to foster and facilitate the continued growth of Canadian-owned and -controlled publishers’ export sales, the AECB has established specific criteria regarding access to its services. A “professional publisher” is one who is responsible and accountable for the following activities: selection, development and editing of manuscripts; contractual agreements with authors or copyright holders; production and marketing of printed books under the firm’s imprint; and the assumption of the risks associated with these activities. A professional publisher may participate in AECB collective catalogues and benefit from other AECB services.

If you are an author or self-publisher looking for assistance, there is a wealth of useful information online. Consult the following websites for helpful tips and advice:

Canadian sites
Canada Business Service Centres:
Canada Border Services (for information on export requirements):
Export Development Canada:
Foreign Affairs Canada:
International Trade Canada:
National Library of Canada, Publishers’ Window on the Government of Canada:
Strategis, Industry Canada’s Business and Consumer Site:
Team Canada Inc.:
The Writers’ Union of Canada:

Other sites
Book Marketing Update:
Para Publishing:
Publishers Marketing Association:
Publishing Basics:

AECB Market Guides
You can purchase the AECB’s handy guides to export markets. Click here for information and order forms.