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Thanks to the vigour and professionalism of Canadian book publishers, to the growing fame of Canadian authors, and to the fact that Canadian literatures now rank among the most vibrant and highly acclaimed on the international stage, the Canadian book publishing industry is the leader in the Canadian cultural sector in terms of exports.

Having won major international awards, the Canadian book publishing industry is as vast and diverse as the country itself.

According to the most recent statistics available, Canada has 300 publishing houses; 188 of them are English-language, while 112 are French-language. Although they are concentrated in Toronto and Montreal, Canadian book publishing houses can be found all across the country. There are 13 in the Atlantic region, 114 in Quebec, 109 in Ontario, 34 in the Prairies, and 30 in British Columbia. 

The industry employs over 7 000 people directly, not counting all the writers who receive royalties, the printers, the bookstores, and the freelancers and people on contract who help to produce, print and sell the books published by Canadian houses. 

The catalogues of Canadian publishers contain a total of 87 548 titles, of which 49 416 are in English and 38 132 in French. Of the new titles published in 1998-99, 43% were trade titles, 23% were textbooks, 11% were children's literature, and 23% were other categories. 

 In 1998-99, the Canadian book publishing industry recorded sales of $1 975 million. Of this amount, $ 1 565 million was earned in Canada and $409 million was earned abroad. Total sales increased by 39.5% in comparison with 1989-90. Export sales have experienced the strongest growth over the last decade.